Monday, October 02, 2006

Loose ends

Today you get to see some pictures I told you about earlier.

First off, the weirdo neck/headband thing...

It's two colours of something that started with K. There was a yarn company whose yarn all started with K. Or was it Y? Oh, who knows? You see it's a few inches short to be a hat.

Maybe, if I ripped it all out, I could get one mitten. I'll get a modeled shot, as soon as someone volunteers to wear it.

And some more dishcloths...

Who will get the festive ones? Showy, but not so good at hiding the dirt. Maybe the hexagon could just sit on the table with a candy dish on top. (I once visited some people who had no children, and they actually had a candy dish, with candy in it, sitting on their coffee table! Not for long after we arrived, I tell you.)

Speaking of Christmas, all I want this year is.... the Yarn of the Month Club! (Well, maybe not all.) I think this would be so fun: get a few bits of yarn each month to fiddle around with. Heh, heh, then I'd knit someone a wild scarf for next Christmas!

Oh, and the red scarf.

I'm so sad about the scarf. I got several inches more than this knitted, and like the look of it, but it will curl, and there's nothing worse than a curling scarf, I say! It's garter stitch striped with stocking stitch, and the garter should be much wider to stop the curl factor of the stocking stitch.

So, I just look at it, and wish I had chosen different yarn, or that I didn't have to worry about it being gender-neutral so I could do something lacy. I have started over in plain striped garter stitch. The cotton yarn is so nice and soft!

Now I'm planning plane and visiting knitting. Nothing that requires any concentration, nothing too big or bulky, maybe fine yarn... A sock sounds reasonable, doesn't it? In any case, I take off for BC Wednesday morning, and will be gone for almost a week. Of course, I'll be in a place with a computer and internet access, so you may just hear from me anyways!