Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh, no, not again!

For fun and recreation, I started a blue scarf on my trip out west. It is simple, portable, and I thought it would be fine for the Red Scarf Project, since it's also soft and gender-neutral. But alas, I don't think it will make the 60 inch mark. (Read her sidebar, folks; there's rules and regulations about these scarves.) I know I once had two balls of the finer dark blue yarn, but now I have finished ball 1 and can't locate ball 2. I have till January to get this finished, so I could just leave it on the needles and search for the yarn. Or I could finish it and give it to someone else. Or I could add in some ridiculous other colour for the finer yarn... Oh, I should go back to my lace cardigan, much simpler than a scarf.....

Added later: I found a wee tidbit of the same yarn, and maybe that's just all I have. I knitted till that was gone, and ended up with a fine, 50-inch scarf. The reddish scarf, made with yarn I actually bought for the project, is going to be my last attempt at this! But right now, I'm off scarves, and will work on Arthur's lovely sock. I'm working on the heel now.

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