Monday, October 16, 2006

Where in the world is he?

What the heck is this? This is a post box from Budapest! While the kids and I were enjoying the mountains of BC, Stephen was visiting physicists in Hungary and got me this picture of a mail box near his hotel. Cool...

And then he whizzed off on a long train ride to Germany, where he visited with more physicists, including a former student who is now working there. She was the organizer of the blanket made in strips that I worked on some months ago. But then she moved, and the baby got born, and the blanket was not finished! So I offered to sew it up, and got it all done the other day (not a difficult chore, it just needs a bit of time, and I seem to have more time than your average grad student).
Zeina took Stephen on a tour of the old city, and especially the yarn shops of the old city, and showed him lots of yarn, and this marvellous window display. (She sent along 2 balls of sock yarn as a thank you for the blanket work! Very nice indeed, and of course I want to drop everything and use it...)

I want that mega- stripey yarn! Who knows what it is made of, but I like the huge stripes of colour.

I have a sock on the needles, and actually another kind of sock totally finished -- it just needs a mate! The yarn I just got might get used for a multi-directional scarf, like Jerry's. Though we all know I do not need another scarf... And I could also use it to make a light hood thing for wearing under a coat hood. But the problem is that Arthur's coat doesn't have a hood, so he needs a big old warm hat. Okay, so I'll just look at this yarn for a bit, and then likely make socks! Maybe even socks for Stephen! Somehow yarn that just arrives is much more exciting than yarn one picks out oneself...


  1. german yarn shops are the best! Zeina must be in heaven...

  2. But she says she doesn't knit socks! Yet....

  3. The super-stripey yarn is Schnellstrickgarn Arizona, 72% polyacrylic and 28% wool. It is the store
    brand (Wolle Roedel) so I don't know if it is available outside Germany. The retail price is 5.95 euros/100 g ball, with 120 m/100g.


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