Friday, November 17, 2006

Eye candy Friday

More autumn colours for you! I love this bush with its bright orange leaves and little red dot berries.

How to get these colours in a scarf, eh? Put red, orange and yellowy with a bit of grey and often enough, you'll just get something terrible!

Here's some green. A venus fly trap at a greenhouse where I went with Arthur's school on a field trip.

In preparation for yarn shopping this weekend, I looked through various bits of stash and found a lot of balls of green/gold/brown that I would love to combine somehow. There's the problem of gauge, and the problem that they don't all go with my new coat, which is the whole point here. But I will continue to look at this heap of stuff...

Elaine's dress has another zig knitted -- and hey, did I tell you? She's been knitting! Pictures shortly!


  1. Go Elaine!!

    And pretty pretty red berries...

  2. Beautiful pics, as always. I borrowed the title for a day, too - hope you don't mind!


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