Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Verrrry spoooooky

Don't we all just love Halloween? A month's free supply of stuff you don't really want your kids to eat... I do like sitting on the porch with my wee dram and my knitting, watching the crowds go by and handing out candy to kids who just stand there with their bags out, waiting.

This is Elaine at her school's parade. (Many of the ladies in the neighbourhood thought she was a bride, but really, folks, she's a ghost! Duh.) The first prize at school, if there were prizes, would have had to go to Mrs J, in her Paper Bag Princess outfit! (Do listen to it if you don't know the story!) A leaf bag and a paper crown, brilliant! And if you've been following the shoe story at MDK, take note that one of the teachers, Mr F, who is well over 6 feet tall, was walking quite nicely in his high heels and Little Red Riding Hood costume, even though the wolf was right there with him.

Arthur wore the same costume he's worn for years, but with new headgear this time. Buzzers and LEDs are all wired in and controlled by an old oven dial on the front. Head separately controlled.... Much commented on.

The kids collected at least 156 pieces of candy. Well, no, lots of that was chips... Oh, let me check the list.... Yes, 18 bags of chips; 156 items, not including the 2 tennis balls and 2 erasers. All this will hit the Excel soon. Arthur's kind of into graphing these days.

And, ahem, it's Wednesday, time for WIP Wipeout. I am sticking to my 4 projects I told you about on Monday, though for sure I am mostly working on the one that is a) new and b) secret so I can't show you progress pictures! You'll have to trust me. Bwa ha ha.