Monday, November 27, 2006

Limeade and more!

This is just the coolest scarf! It's 75 inches long! I blocked it out a bit to show up the holes, but I know it will get pulled lengthwise in time. Now I just need the hat and mitts.... I guess it would be counter-productive to have holes in one's winter hat. Imagine it with my red coat! Oooh la.

Yesterday I was "cleaning up" beside the bed. I was putting all the yarn for one project in a heap, and putting magazines away, and I picked up something, who knows what, and apparently there was one nice loose 2mm double-pointed needle on that something, and it rolled off, in just such a way that it ended up down the heat vent! Argh! I lifted the cover and poked around, but it's just a hole that descends from the top floor to the furnace in the basement! I considered calling Sears to come clean out my ducts, but perhaps that's a bit drastic. I have another set of 2mms, but they are very long for socks, and the one that has vanished was one of the nice short ones I got from Sue, who had a fistful of mismatched tiny dpns.

This mishap did have the consequence that I noticed the lovely sock I had cast on, and I found one of my very long needles and continued on the ribbing. So, there's your silver lining.

And just for completeness, here's Elaine's dress. It's a bit longer than when you last saw it, though I think my chances of finishing it by the end of November are slim!

PS. You think the chicken hat is silly? Check out the Turkey!