Monday, November 20, 2006

Been shoppin'?

Noo, I've been shopping.

I have a friend who comes to the big city every 6 weeks to get her hair cut. Crazy, perhaps, but it means she gets to see me every 6 weeks! Hah. And I say, Oh, I need a darning needle, and we go to a yarn shop and I get to watch her buy yarn!

So this time we went to Alterknit, with the kids. They both pulled out their knitting (Arthur's is the orange cotton tape and Elaine's is the off-white. She's been knitting for less than a week) and wowed the ladies in the shop, and Pat and I looked at wool...

Oohh, I liked some brown Malabrigo. I think it was 05 Coronilla. Alas, one can't buy it all. I was distracted from that by ... oh, various other things.

Arthur pulled a giant skein of Burly Spun out of a basket... I noticed it came in an outrageous green called Limeade. I was sunk! It's so... green! I got 2 skeins of that, which Arthur had fun winding off the swift in the store. (Lucky boy, he got to wind 8 balls of bluish Malabrigo for my friend!) And then since I thought this would be impractical for mitts, I got some Twilley freedom Spirit in 505 Earth. And then since I thought that would be too thin for a good hat, I got more Brown Sheep, some Lamb's Pride worsted in the same limeade colour to mix with the Spirit.

Oh my what fun! And they have brownies and lemon tarts and coffee, so we were all set.

I managed to finish Arthur's blue sock, and am making some progress on the red dress, but of course now all I want to do is knit giant green wool into a scarf...