Friday, November 03, 2006

Not a secret anymore

This is what I've been working on lately. Nice, eh?

But, not nice enough... The colours, while there's nothing wrong with them, are not right for my intended recipient, and I was thinking quite nasty thoughts about the yarn as I got to the end -- their wonderous technique for getting nice long runs of colour seems to be to splice together the different colours, not dye the one piece of yarn! It's soft and lovely and... suddenly you've got a bump and you're knitting with black instead of lilac. It was just bugging me!

It is very soft and cuddly, and it's unisex in style and it's 5 feet long, so... this is officially my Red Scarf, which gets me off the hook concerning my reddish yarn! I can think of something else to do with that, yay! I am now so sick of scarves....

I've even embarked on a project which doesn't involve knitting! I got this Gap sweater at the thrift store and tossed it in the wash. It's so pretty... I think it needs another go-round in the hot water to really toughen it up, and then I shall start in with the scissors! Next time I will remove the ribbing and separate the body pieces first, then wash, because the ribbing doesn't felt like the rest of it, and the seams are a misery to deal with after the felting!

I was thinking bag, then tea cosy, and now I'm simplifying to the point of "hot pad." Cutting I can do... sewing it, I dunno!

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  1. What's the scarf made from? Is it Wendy Fusion?


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