Monday, November 06, 2006

The penultimate dishrag

Good thing I didn't actually sign up for NaBloPoMo, since I lasted only 4 days at posting every day! Ah well...

And my knitting promises are sort of loosey-goosey too. But my excuse is that it is coming up to Christmas, and I have things to do! One more dishcloth and then I'm done with those for now!

My latest is quite the masterpiece, I must say. And doncha love the tiny little bit of pink on the edge? That's coz I ran out of yarn about 20 stitches from the end and had to use a different variegated yarn to cast off the last bit. It's a masterpiece, but it's still just a dishrag.

I also finished up another hat for Street Knit, and took three of them up to Knitomatic on Sunday. When the woman took them and tossed them in the bin*, she asked if I would like some more yarn, and gave me a bag of various bits and bobs. Oooh, aaah! I love to get yarn like that! It's a potpourri of greenish miscellaneous fibers, and I shall have fun combining them to make something... not sure if sea-foam acrylic/mohair from 1983 is the best thing for a hat for a street person, but we'll do our best.

*For our British readers: I mean she put them in a big plastic storage box, not that she threw them away!