Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Limeade on the porch

Here's some Limeade! I do it in short snatches, but since each row gives me half an inch or so, I'm whizzing along!

The stitch pattern is just *yo, k2 tog* across on the right side, and *yo, p2 tog* on the wrong, with a garter stitch at each edge. I started putting a few rows of garter stitch in at the beginning, but soon realised I didn't like that as well, so it's now what we call an "accent."

Due to a glitch of some kind, I was unable to access my site meter for a day or two. I am always delighted to see that people find this site when looking for postboxes! One day I'll go back to England and find some more.... Ahh.


  1. ***love*** that limeade pattern! It even looks fizzy! A great spot in the shop, that lad.

  2. MmmmM, I can almost taste the limeade looking at that!

  3. Love that stitch and it is a gorgeous color!


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