Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday sky and a WIP

I haven't been very consistent with my Saturday sky pictures, and I didn't even take this picture today. Does that count? Who needs pictures of grey skies, anyways. What I should do is get up, open the window and take a picture of the CN Tower every morning. The other day we couldn't even see it, it was so misty! Anyhoo, this is just the sky and a tree...

I got out the big Lopi sweater that makes us sneeze and finished off a sleeve the other day. Arthur's nose objected immediately, even though I only knit a bit at home.

I need to do one more sleeve, then surreptitiously measure the person it's supposed to fit, because lately I've been wondering about that... Perhaps measuring should have been done somewhat earlier in the process!

Anyways, it's lovely and it's super fun to knit, because it's just round and round knit knit knit, but I get to change colours every 5 rows, and I line up all my balls, fret about running out of colour A or B, unwind those leftover Kureyon balls to get to the surprise centre... And then give my kid a box of kleenex....

I'm super thrilled about my upcoming search for wool for a hat/scarf. Now I'm thinking of making Norah Gaughan's sunflower tam and a phyllotaxis scarf. But that hat is totally different from what I thought of at first. Oh, choices, choices....

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  1. Thanks for visiting me the other day. I love having people drop in and leave comments. I enjoyed browsing your entries and am very excited about The Red Scarf Project.


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