Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow and little hats

I can now show you the pictures we took yesterday before Stephen took the camera off for the day. Here we have the phenomenon known as Mommy-is-a-sucker. That's about 120 pounds of cargo there...

It's fine once one gets going, but it only works right after the snow falls, because if people start shovelling the snow off their walks, we grind to a halt. I made the mistake of taking the sled after school when I went to pick them up, and they had to keep hopping off and on.

Someone at our school told us about this campaign by Save the Children, to provide little wee hats for newborn babies, to keep them warm in those crucial first hours. (The e-mail sent around started with, "For some reason I think of you all as being knitters..." which is, I think, a reflection of my haranguing people to make blanket squares.)

So, to keep up the appearance that we are a school full of knitters, I made a hat.

One takes about an hour or two to make, and it uses up tiny bits of pretty stash yarn, and so these little hats are my new quicky project to work on while ignoring any other responsibilities I might have.

Hard to imagine little heads quite that little, but they say they want them 9-11 inches around! I think I can get another 3 or 4 out of one particular bag of bits. If one knitter can make 125 blankets and set her next task as 250 pairs of socks, I can knit up a half-dozen little hats...

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