Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thunder and snow

Once I was in a Latin class, reading Ovid, and the prof looked out at the falling snow when we heard thunder, and said, "Someone's been feeding the gods raw meat." And they've been at it again, since we woke up to huge flakes of snow, and thunder. That last time we emerged from class to find that the university had been closed and classes cancelled, but I don't think we're getting that much this time.

And for fun: My brother is a physicist who does things with foams sometimes. And he was looking around for images of foam, and came up with this little experiment. Looks like snow towards the end, there!


  1. Hey and it be tundering and lightning on my way down to work today in the vicinity of U of T. Heard 2 big claps and 2 big flashes...And it was very damp!
    The Gods must be bowling!

  2. yes it was the weirdest morning here in T.O... I don't ever remember snow AND thunder/lightning at the same time ever. and those giant floofy clumps of flakes - it was almost surreal this morning!


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