Saturday, February 24, 2007

Little hats and Saturday sky

Baby hats on a glass table out in the sunshine!

I think nine little hats is enough for now! Six are nice cotton, one is some crazy stuff called Stretchwool, and the two plain blue ones are superwash wool. I'm worried that the wool will be scratchy on the teeny heads, but am not sure what other cotton I have in stash. Save the Children wants the hats by March 15, so I've got a couple of weeks to whip up a few more, if I can come up with some suitable yarn. Maybe some Cotton Fleece?

The thermometer says -11C, but it's nice and sunny. As long as you watch for those pesky patches of ice, it's quite pleasant out. Elaine and I will head to the library this afternoon, all bundled up.

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  1. You've been busy, Mary! I knit hats too, but mainly for women with cancer who've lost their hair.


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