Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Random tidbits

Let's see now. I'm finished this sock now, and started the second. That's good, because we don't like those single socks hanging around! Since they are for Elaine, they are much quicker than socks for, say, Arthur!

I also ripped out the toes of socks I made last year! They fit nobody, so I am shortening them to fit Elaine. So far, one ripped out toe, no reknitting!

The handles of my denim bag were stretching crazily, so I ripped them out about 6 inches and put the whole thing through the wash again. Seems about right. The only thing is, I can't carry little knitting needles in it, because they poke through!

Lots of ripping, bits of new stuff. I have an idea for a hat, but so far have half an inch of 2x2 ribbing. Not very exciting!

Today is my brother's birthday! Sunday is Arthur's birthday! Next week is my birthday!

Stay tuned for more thrills and adventure!


  1. I really like that colorway! and happy birthday in advance.

  2. i love all those stripes! is it just one yarn? if i had the patience to knit a second pair of socks i would make them just like that - very lovely!


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