Thursday, February 22, 2007

The amaryllis cam

Sandy has an amaryllis cam. Norma has an amaryllis cam. And I know I've seen at least one more, but where?

Now, my amaryllis bloomed some time ago, was magnificent and lovely and amazing, and now all the flowers have faded and fallen off, but this one seems to have made itself some seeds in a pod. The pod is now drying out, but was once sleek and full and ... fertile-looking. So, my question is, what do I do now? Will the seeds fall into the pot and take care of themselves? Is there some tender loving care I should bestow upon them? Is this a freak amaryllis, or what?

And a snow update: Bleah! It's now above zero, the snow on the trees and rooftops is melting down into the snow on the ground, which is getting wet and slushy and messy, and if one should be outside trying to be neighbourly and clearing the snow from the sidewalk, one runs the risk of having a blob of melty snow fall right down the back of one's neck!

And that's why we turn to flowers...

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  1. My mom says to just put it in a dark cool place, a basement or a closet and let the leaves and stem dry up and die. The bulbs in the pot are what matter. After a few months and everything is dead up top, bring it out and water it again.

    But I've never seen one with a seed pod...


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