Monday, February 19, 2007

These are addictive

I took my first little hat to a mommies' party the other day, and, well, after the S'mores, I'm sure it was the hit of the evening. A couple of people were even keen to knit some.

And then I made another, and more and more!

I've got one more hat's worth of this yarn left, and then what? Find another bag of scraps in the closet, or perhaps move on to something else. I can certainly see myself churning out another dozen, but perhaps that would be crazy!

(And I won't take any more flash pictures on the black footstool.)

My hat-knitting was interrupted this weekend by a house full of little girls. It was Elaine's 7th birthday.

(I think she's decided that we are okay parents, after all, by the way, but she hasn't taken the sign off her door...)

We played Pass the Parcel and Tape the Hat on the Clown and Poisoned Sweet and Musical Statues and ate popcorn, carrots, cheese, candy, cake and strawberries.

No one cried the entire time, not even Stephen, and Arthur got to wear his party shirt, and zip-off pants with one leg long and one leg short. So, a good time!


  1. Oh, my word! That shirt made it all the way back to Canada with you! Ummm, I'm glad he likes it so much/sorry I inflicted that on you (delete as appropriate!) We havent' had nearly enough snow for a sledge in Cambridge - but enough to play snowball chases with the dog (she tries to retrieve them, but can't find them and resorts to eating snow in frustration. Very amusing to all).

  2. here is an excellent reason for those litttttle baby hats!


  3. i just noticed that the blindfold is handknit, isn't it? why am i not surprised? :)

  4. at last I know what a s'more is!


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