Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WIP Wednesday, snowy Valentines

It's WIP Wednesday, folks, and I am here to tell you that I have finished the second blue sock! Yay for me! I can't show you a picture, because Arthur is wearing them to school today.

I also can't show you a picture of the 20 cm of new snow, because Stephen took the camera to work, complete with pics of the cool wind-blown look of our front yard this morning, and then I shoveled the walk and messed things up, so a picture of our front yard right now would just look like a plain old picture of snow.

I can show you these limeade green mitts I made some time ago. Just as I was finishing them I got a note about a publisher looking for mitten patterns, and since I'd fudged up this particular pattern myself, I sent it off to them. But guess what, they didn't want it. They're quite good mitts, but the insides are slowly pilling up and I take out a little ball of fluff every so often!

And in non-knitting news, I took Geoffrey Chaucer's quiz about medieval times. I got 24%. This is what old Geoff had to say to me:
Grant merci for taking my quiz of medievale trivia. Ich hope that yt hath delited yow and peraventure shewn yow sum interestinge thinges. Yf ye haue scored low, ye kan comfort yowerself wyth the fact that yower brain is probably full of useful craft. Yf ye haue done wel, ye kan be grateful for yower lerninge.

You, too, can be humbled, at this site. At least he recognized that my brain is full of useful craft, and I can comfort myself with the knowledge that I am, after all, supposed to be a classicist, not a medievalist.

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  1. Those mittens looks lovely and warm (and nearly identical to the mittens I made for my mom this Christmas).

    And I know exactly what 20 cm of snow looks like... and there is so much to learn about Classical times, who had time for Medieval studies?


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