Thursday, January 03, 2008

A bit of blue

After swatching a bit of lace (I love the look of giant lace, but perhaps not for this project) and a cable or two (tension issues, tweedy issues) I decided that what this yarn wants to be is plain.

Round and round, knit knit knit knit. I added a few purls in one round to stop the thing curling up too much!

The yarn is rather greyer than it appears here and the turquoise bits are more subtle. It's quite somber!

And at this stage -- ooh, I have 2 inches, or is it three, and I've used, maybe, half a ball, or a third -- I start the calculations. I'm not worried about running out of yarn, but I get to wondering if I could perhaps have sleeves, and then this would be a whole different ballgame, wouldn't it?

I thought I'd also note that I started the second mitt. It's a bit fiddly, especially the rather unusual ribbed thumb gusset, so I am doing this when I can pay attention, which is not right now, because going round and round on 8 mm needles is so much more fun!

But, it's started, at any rate.

I'm going away this weekend, and have two 2-hour train rides, so I'm being good and packing Arthur's second sock. I hope I'll have some thrilling stripes to show you on Monday!

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  1. We have a rug that my wife's Mother started and this Christmas my daughter has begun to add her contribtuion.
    P.S. a tiny thank-you left on today's.


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