Monday, January 28, 2008


Skates + ice + person who hasn't skated for 20 years = fall down go boom!

I fell and landed hard on my wrist -- so hard that I got bruises in the shape of purl bumps from my knitted mitts on the heel of my hand -- and no, I can't take a picture of them. Can't take a picture, can't knit, can't really type, can't spread jam on my toast...

But we can have a cheery sunflower from last August to bring some warmth.


  1. Sorry to hear of your fall. Two winters ago I did the same thing, and cracked a bone in my wrist. I was showing off on how I could skate backwards and hit a stick frozen in the pond. Ouch. Arnica?

  2. OW!! Oh, you poor thing... being an invalid for a while can be quite fun - right up until "can't knit", anyway. Wishing you a speedy recovery - and many, many thanks for responding to my query, by the way. I owe you a proper email on the subject - but it was very useful, thanks.


  3. Ow! Indeed - the only consolation I can think of is all the time you can spend browsing for more patterns to knit up once you're feeling better... - I hope it's feeling properly better very soon.

  4. Oh, Mary, ouch! Poor you. Maybe just eat jam straight off a spoon (making sure that it has been decanted into a pretty dish so that you can dig in throughout the day.)? That sounds like a miserable knock. Arnica and ice would probably help. Hope you mend quickly!

  5. Your sunflower is much prettier than mine. V. lovely.

  6. CANT KNIT!!! How awful!! I hope you're feeling a little less painful today. As for the toast and jam dilmea, croissants, or even better, choc au pain, are the answer P.S Arthur's conker(horse chestnut) tree is doing well, will send a picture when it comes out in leaf in the spring.


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