Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January list

It seems it's time for a list.

What shall I knit next, and in the next 12 months?

Poor Arthur has but one Jaywalker sock.

The first one was interesting, but I have no real interest in making a second. Alas, I guess I'd better do it anyways.

The big ol' Lopi masterpiece has to be totally done soon. And it will be! It needs front fastenings (zipper or buttons?) and pockets dealt with and ends sewn in. No problemo, right?

I'm on the third hexagon of the Basalt tank. When I finish this one, I will move the 4 mm circular needle to the blanket border...

... because I've got all the squares knitted, mostly sewn together. I actually keep changing my mind about this border. I could pick up a huge number of stitches on each side and knit a border outwards; I could knit a sideways border and sew it on, or knit it on; I could crochet a border. Well, keep reading, coz sooner or later I'll decide. Maybe I won't need that circ after all.

I once told you I was going to frog the grey lacy glove, but I couldn't bring myself to do it!

I ripped out the wee bit of finger I had done and made a mitten. Number Two to follow.

I have a couple of baby blankets on the go for a charity knitting project. Hmm, must set up date to do that with the gang some weekend soon.

Right now I am toying with that blue Yorkshire Tweed Chunky. It'll be for me, and it'll be sleeveless, and it might have a cable up the front or it might not. Since I think this might just get preferential treatment, you should hear more about this soon.

And also this year, I mean to make a shawl or two, some birthday socks for a few people, and the Felted Tweed stash will be used for, I think, a cardigan. Oh, and I want to knit up that sock yarn stash, lickety-split.

Many of these things should be crossed off the list pretty soon. I must remember that the shotgun approach doesn't get things done very fast, and steady work on one project is really the way to go! Must... remember... that!

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