Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh, monogamy

If I'm just knitting on one thing, I don't seem to have anything to blog about! Tuesday's knitting looks much like last Sunday's knitting. Time to finish this and move on!

What I've been knitting away on is The Blue Thing. I've now done the whole body (about 400 meters knitted up) -- now I just have to think of edgings. I'm quite pleased that the armholes don't gape too much; we'll see what happens when I get a bit of ribbing around them. I had a border around the bottom for a while but it looked like a very bad, very short tutu, so I took it off! (Almost 100 more meters of knitting, ripped!) I don't like the curl, so I shall make a not-very-pulling-in rib, knit downwards. I have to get a needle... 7 mm circ, long. A trip to the yarn shop is in order.

I also need to buy a pair of skates, but I doubt I can get both things on the same trip!

And, an arty picture of some tree bark, just for fun.

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