Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snug and warm

Gee, the sun is rather low in the sky on a January morning, isn't it?! Nice shadows on the chin(s)....

But, the good news is, my vest is finito!

I ended up cutting the bottom inch off and reknitting it downward to make the bottom ribbing work. Picking up from the cast-on edge was no good, because of that darn row with the purls that I so cleverly worked right at the beginning. It made the fabric bend slightly, casting a nasty shadow and attracting undue attention!

I used a bit less than 5 balls of the Yorkshire Tweed Chunky, counting, let's say, 475 meters towards my Knit-A-Mile goal. The yarn is really lovely, sturdy yet soft, warm but not too bulky; just good nice pretty soft wool!

Since I started out with 10 balls, that means I have another vest's worth of yarn in the closet! Something more adventurous next time? The giant lace is still under consideration.

But first, finish the Jaywalkers? Or the blanket??


  1. Nice - I did the Rowan Moonlight sweater in this yarn, and it really softened up after washing. It' s even wearable on my bare arms.

  2. That's nice. A good colour on you. I loke a good tweedy yarn, in an undemanding colour. You know. You wear the garment, rather than the colour waring you, demanding things that match and tone with it !
    I like the red frames too.

  3. Please excuse the dodgy spelling ! Obviously, it's like ! I also missed the e out of wearing. Maybe I should just go to bed ! [ It's 1.40 a.m. here ]


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