Thursday, March 02, 2017

Hello, March

March 1st was dreary and grey. Our winter has been so unusual, I don't know if we'll see an early spring, a return to snow and ice, or a bit of both! But I assume by the end of March we'll definitely be headed towards green things growing and lighter coats.

Big knitting thing in March: Stephen West is doing another mystery knitalong, and this one takes two strands of fingering weight yarn at a time, to make a marled slanket. A slanket is a blanket-sized shawl. I'm in!

At first, of course, I thought, "I don't have 7 or 800 grams of fingering yarn lying around here," but, of course, I do.

I have two big bowls out, with greenish yarns in one and lighter yarns in the other. I did happen to buy a skein of pinky-purpley-lime yarn the other day, but {cough} it may have been unnecessary. The first part of the mystery is revealed tomorrow!

Other things in March: It is time for March Break and since Elaine is in Grade 11, we will take a casual glance at some southern Ontario universities. Primarily, I think, the one her uncle works at, so we can get in a bit of a family visit.

Also, lots of good stuff coming up at the cinema, like this weekend of great talks. I will be volunteering at a couple of the talks, but unfortunately not the one with Jennifer Keesmaat, who I'd really like to hear. Can't have everything. March will also bring us the line-up for the Hot Docs festival; a few titles have already been released. I want to see at least half of those!

And so much more....

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  1. Your stash photo is gorgeous!

    1. thanks! It's going to be fun!

  2. Enjoy the mystery KAL! Loved the sheep with their bright red lips. And a trip to look at college tied in with a family


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