Thursday, March 23, 2017

Looking out a window

Today's Think, Write, Thursday task is to look out a window I don't usually look out.

In my house there are a couple of windows I don't usually look out of. One looks directly out on to the window and bricks of the next house, and it is in a sort of awkward place for looking out of, anyways.

My window, their window

One is under the back deck! Last summer we had to replace a few boards on the deck and realized we could leave a bit of a gap, so now sunlight can make its way down there. Nice, but nothing to see. I won't even show you a picture of it, since it is just a dirty window. I'm not likely to climb under the deck to wash it, ever!

I  just went out with the intention of looking out of maybe the library window, or the window of the grocery store, but the thought flew out of my mind. So you are stuck with my neighbours' house, and the hidden delights under my back deck.

Actual knitting content tomorrow!

To see out other people's windows, go here!


  1. I love the picture! A window with a view of a window!

  2. Window of a window--what a neat photo!

  3. I love this - looks like a Josef Albers painting


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