Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Remembering that great hat

Earlier this month, we three went university-shopping around southern Ontario. We went to three universities, wandering around the campuses, seeing the residences and athletic centres.

I took this picture when I realized we were all wearing our excellent knitted hats. Aren't we cute?

The next day we were wandering around with my brother as tour guide. We had lunch, we saw a lab, I went to the ladies'... And then at some point I saw that I didn't have my hat! I did my best to retrace my steps, but it was a bit of a maze and we'd been out all morning, so I have to say that my brown lovely hat is lost!

When we left, I gave my brother instructions to rip it off the head of anyone he sees wearing it! But I am pretty darn sure I'll never see that hat again.