Thursday, March 30, 2017

What will I do in April?

Today's Think Write Thursday is a "Hello April" post. Even though it is not truly April till the weekend!

One hopes, year after year, that April will bring green things poking out on trees, a flower here and there, maybe an early trip to the garden centre. We do already have some crocuses in the 'hood, so that is nice.

Some neighbours cut down a big tree recently so we shall see, as the sun creeps northward, if our mornings are more sunny in the back yard.

I will knit another vintage accessory, this time a hat. I have some new purple yarn, and it shall be a lovely hat, I imagine.

Purple is kind of Elaine's colour; we'll see if I get a new hat out of this or not.

Stuff-wise, I have a lot on my plate in April. During which stuff will I get to knit, I wonder?

At the end of the month is the Hot Docs film festival, where I will again be volunteering and fitting in about ten movies. There are a few things to do in advance: work at training sessions for new volunteers, hand out this year's shirts, put a dozen muffins in the freezer!

Before that, however, I will be making a trip out west. My father passed away February 24th, and we will be having a memorial and celebration of his life on the long weekend. We held off a while in hopes that lots of family and friends will be able to arrange to be there.

And as the circle of life goes on, I'll be out there again in May for my niece's wedding!