Friday, March 24, 2017

Today we get clue 4

This season's Stephen West knitalong is almost done. Today the last clue comes out. I have, of course, lots of yarn left, although there are some colours I used more than others, and a couple of balls I didn't use at all (yet).

That little V is white sock yarn and the beginning of a Zauerball I bought. I need to make another shawl with a lot more of this in it!

This wrap-around boomerang was going to be all that pinkish colour. It is a mohair blend with little silvery bits in! Tiny bling in the crazy shawl. However, it irritated my nose and sinuses and whole head, so I only managed a few rows. The bright yellow is still great, but not as great as bling-filled mohair would have been. I'm prepared to suffer for my art, but not that much! (Not really very much at all, actually.)

The last bit I knit, section six, is moss stitch, changing colours all over the place. I even included a couple of eyelet rows, just for the heck of it.

Some people are using more unified colour palettes. Like this one. Or this one. And then there's this.  (So many, so good!) Some people swatch and rip and redo and make things perfect. Some people assembled yarn colours based on a painting or a scene. I imagine that when people can see the finished shawl and understand how it fits together, instead of being given a section or two at a time and making colour choices based on guesswork, colour palettes will be less crazy, but most of us just did what the designer said and gathered a bunch of odds and ends. I keep going back to a few green balls, especially when I veer into the bits of orange or pink. It is, in my mind, a green shawl.

The whole thing, so far. I love the non-parallel-ness of it. We'll see what today's clue brings. I hear there's a medium and large size option. I still have a bowl full of yarn, so I'm going for as large as can be!

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