Thursday, March 08, 2007

Projects piling up again

There was once a plan. Knit on a thing or two, till they were done. Then pick up some other project, likely one abandoned some time ago, and finish it. But perhaps spring fever has struck, because I'm back to my old devil-may-care knitting habits.

I was happily knitting along on Elaine's second sock, thinking about how I had to work on the green Rockpool cotton cardigan so I can wear it if and when spring actually comes, and then I just had to knit a secret hat (it's secret, but I'll just make a note here that I made it) and now I'm no longer satisfied with just a sock, and can't bring myself to pick up the cardi!

Oh, no!

I started a scarf in some weirdo yarn I found at the side of the road (honestly!) but it was too 80s, and is now in the Goodwill box.

Then I remembered that I had this lovely Malabrigo. Once upon a time my friend Pat bought this yarn. It looked sort of faded-denim-like on the store shelf, and she took it home and made a sweater, which I have not seen because the crazy lady will not get a blog! Anyhoo, she had bought way too much yarn, so gave me the leftovers. She kept calling it purple, which seemed odd to me, since it was so bluish, I'd thought.

What colour is it, indeed! I now think of it as the colour of those really scary thunderclouds in the summertime, which is not very cheering.

The blue is greyish-metallic-greenish, and the grey is purplish and the purple is not noticeable until you realize the whole darn thing is purple...

However, I am declaring that it fits the Project Spectrum colours of blue, grey and white, and by gum, I'm going to knit me a big old octagon out of it!

Now it is all scrunched up on a 40 cm needle, but soon I can start on a bigger needle, I think. It should end up something like this, except bluish purplish greyish, and I think bigger. Only time will tell.

(I just looked at the Malabrigo page and think it must be the one they call Alpine Pearl! Scroll down.)

Oh, and Happy Women's Day.

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