Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Report on two things

Well, since my last post, I have done nothing on the socks, despite now being under the gun to finish them in time for Stephen to wear them to Lisa's thesis defence! Easier to knit a pair of socks than write a thesis, I think, but perseverance is still necessary. I'll get right on that....

Let's see what I have been doing. This is a portion of the octagonal blanket that is taking most of my time.

It's very hard to get the colour right in pictures. It's also hard to see how big it is, since it's all scrunched onto a circular needle. By the time I get it finished, it'll be warm and dry enough to take a picture outside, perhaps!

I've now done 3 rows of eyelets, and I think I'm almost at the point where I can start the border. Soon I get to pick an edging, and won't that be fun!?

Then there's the wonky square. I was thinking of carrying on till I had a square big enough to cover a cushion. But several things stopped me.

I started doing dark colours on two edges and light on the other two, but soon realised I didn't really have enough light colours to continue!

Also, I agree with what Cara said, that I like to play with the colours, but the continued wonkiness of the square kinda dragged me down. I was fretting about getting it back to a square shape, and didn't like having to plan out the craziness of it.

I'm still looking for a project where my colours can be all mixed and mingled, but the knitting is more straightforward (without being too boring, of course!).


  1. Love the wonkiness and totally agree that it's all about the color! One idea is to combine a wonky center with a more regular, square border. For example, keep the center square and the first trip around wonky, then work 1 trip around squaring things off, and then 1 or more trips around all square. This will read like a little wonky gem popping off of a uniform background. It's always fun to try new ideas and then decide for yourself if it's right for you -- the joys of knitting!

  2. Listen to Nona - she is a genius.


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