Saturday, December 23, 2017

Pre-Christmas post

I have been to the grocery store every day for ages, it seems, picking up the final ingredients, every time. I think now we have enough cookies and we'll not starve on Christmas day. But I have thought of one more thing I need...

I made a few kinds of cookies, and dreamt of many more. Last night even Elaine suggested we have enough, after we'd made chocolate thumbprints and cuneiform gingerbread.

The chocolate thumbprints are from an old Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but I can't find the exact recipe online. You can see last year's cookies here. This year we used chocolate sprinkles instead of multicoloured, just to shake things up.

The gingerbread came first from here and then from here. I just noticed that the first recipe says to bake the cookies a bit first, and then incise them, and I'm kind of intrigued by that. Do you work on the hot gingerbread, do you cool it, do you have to work fast? We didn't do that.

We used the second recipe, rolled out two big slabs, and copied the text on that page (to the best of our poor ability, cuneiform-wise).

We ended up with slightly weathered-looking slabs, not very readable, except perhaps by experts. Tastes good, though!

More excitement at the Honest Ed's site. They've taken down all of the building except the front. Now they are sawing steel in the freezing weather, 30 feet up.

More to come, I suppose!

If you want way better pictures with a way better camera, look here. (I have no idea who this person is, but their pictures are public, so enjoy!)

Plans for today: put up the tree! Get that one thing from the store! Deliver a card that I forgot to give to a person when I saw them a week ago! Eggnog!

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