Friday, December 01, 2017

And now it is December

Oh, here I could take a day off if I wanted, but there are things to report.

I hesitated about my December project. And we all know, she who hesitates is lost.

I was going to finish my Alice Starmore million-colour, super warm mittens. But then I thought, maybe I'd best just have a look at what else I could knit! I found a few things, then made a list and used a random number generator to decide for me what I should make, because who could make such a momentous decision?

The list was:
  1. Gloves from a wartime Red Cross booklet -- these booklets came in the Yellow Pages, to encourage knitting for the troops
  2. Some other fancy lady gloves
  3. Those WIP mittens
  4. Doll dress -- I have two booklets of doll clothes patterns, my daughter is now 17; when will I ever use them?
  5. Stuffed animal -- I have patterns for dogs and donkeys and ducks and cats and birds and ....
Well, my random number generator chose number 1. I looked at the pattern again and the size for ladies' gloves is 6.5 inches around the hand at the thumb. Mine is closer to 8 inches, and I always thought I had kind of delicate hands, at least compared to the rest of me! Luckily, I can make the men's gloves, though they tell me I must use khaki, navy blue or airforce blue. We'll see about that!

Now I just have to find an equivalent for "Special Heavy Red Cross Service Yarn." It knits up on 3 mm needles at 26 sts/4 inches, but I think it's quite densely knit. I might use my Kauni, or maybe Felted Tweed. Probably some DK weight, to get a nice warm glove. I could always swatch, I suppose. 

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