Thursday, November 30, 2017

Three on the last Thursday of NaBloPoMo

Well, we made it to the end of November! I feel like I just sort of made do with a lot of my blog posts this time, but I did do something every day, most often with a picture. So that is a bit of an accomplishment, for sure.

Now, what three things shall I talk about here?
  1. My husband is in the UK, at a conference. He gave his talk yesterday, apparently a great success. He wore his spiral-defect chaos sweater, and some Hokusai wave socks. He posts pictures of beer on Facebook, though, so it's not all work. 
  2. I saw some rock climbing movies last night. OMG, as they say. Usually when I work at the cinema, I do an afternoon show, and people who are able to go to afternoon shows tend to be retired, really. People who go to rock climbing movies at 8:30 at night tend, it turns out, to be 30, fit, buff, and very keen. The doors opened at 8 and I was ripping tickets till the show started. Pouring through the doors, filling every seat in the house. The four short films were amazing as well. They didn't really make me want to take up rock climbing, though. It's all bleeding fingers and broken backs. Drone photography maybe, rock climbing, no. 
  3. Tonight I am going to a book launch. My daughter had a friend in elementary school whose mom is an artist, and someone has written a book about her. Her work is full of little almost-hidden things. Often a bit creepy, but I really like a lot of it, so will be happy to have the book. 
Tomorrow is December 1st! I might find it hard to break this pattern of posting, so watch this space!

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