Thursday, November 02, 2017

Three things on Thursday

  1. I saw a movie on Wednesday. California Typewriter, a tale of, well, typewriters. It was quite good; lots of different typewriter enthusiasts did lots of different things: art, music, collecting, actual typing of correspondence, actual typing of flashes of genius... Recommended for sure. 
  2. It was Halloween, of course. We had about half the number of kids we often have, I think. And they were all the tiny kind, with hovering parents and big jackets over their princess costumes. We closed up shop around 8 pm and had a bowl of mini-chocolate bars left over.
  3. My new favourite thing is Bike Share Toronto. You pay $90 for a year, and there are bike racks around the city. Lucky for me there is one at the end of our block. Use the app, get a code to release a bike, use it for less than 30 minutes (or pay extra), then stick it in any empty Bike Share rack. The end. So I use it to get to the subway station, to ride downtown, to come home from somewhere. I do have my own bike, but if I ride it downtown, I then have to ride it home again, instead of hopping on the subway with my shopping. The bikes are heavy and a bit clunky, but so nice to have at hand. The only problem is that I often find myself riding without a helmet, and a bike helmet isn't a thing one carries around just in case. Maybe I'll just have to start... 

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