Sunday, November 12, 2017

Progress report

I have been working quite assiduously on my Vertices Unite. I'm not sure I've shown you all the little bits that add up to the whole. (I took the knitting outside to my dark glass table. Forgive the photographer's reflections here and there!)

Section 1, took forever.

Section 2, quick, two new colours.

Section 3, the worrisome one all along. It's a great big chunk, and it's all one yarn, so I found lots of knitted examples of this shawl where this section just leapt out at one rather alarmingly. I'm not sure I solved the problem by having this wild multicoloured yarn. I thought I was so clever using one yarn with all the colours, but of course the others are muted by being used in combination. Hmm.

Section 4... I followed the directions and used colour D, the beige. If I hadn't, I would have had to use beige and pink in section 5 and that would not have worked either. Doubts are creeping in. The pattern says to use D for the edging, too, but I suspect I will disobey that instruction.

Section 5, should be finished shortly. Pink and blue, stripes knitted in the same direction as sections 1 and 3.

The whole, thus far. 

Every knitting project is an experiment. I will learn things about using colour by making this, but it's highly unlikely I'll make another one to put my new knowledge to use. Something I will remember: don't expect bright pink and bright green to combine into anything but muddiness!

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