Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A movie and a flower

This morning I was at the cinema, herding school groups in to see Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel. It is almost two hours long with a lot of earnest talking about climate change, and the middle-school kids I was sitting near were completely restless. No one really has to go to the washroom that many times in two hours. Not everyone was bored though, and some of the kids did ask really good questions at the end. (No Al Gore, but some enthusiastic young woman answered questions about what we can do, what Canada is doing, what Al Gore is doing.) I enjoyed the movie, despite having to shush people and tut-tutting with my fellow volunteers, and despite its gloomy ending -- spoiler alert: Donald Trump will ruin everything. 

My main job, other than shushing, was getting the classes from the subway station to the theatre. While I was there, a group called TTCRiders was collecting complaints and comments for their "Woes on the Bus" campaign. 

I kept away from their main action, but there were TV cameras here and there. I wonder if I'll be on the news in my little knitted crown. (I know there's a video on that page, but I don't have the latest version of whats-it to watch it, and don't care enough to download it.)

The biggest excitement of the day, though, was finding that my Christmas cactus enjoyed its time outside this summer so much that it is going to bloom for me! I think that occasional pouring rain and sporadic sunshine did it good. 

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  1. Cool crown! Can you make a toque with an edge like that?


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