Sunday, January 14, 2018

A bunch of finished things

I've been knitting little things...

I was given some Bamboo Silk yarn, which was slinky and soft, but it wasn't quite big enough to use with my 4.5 mm needle nicely, and when I started knitting this I couldn't find the appropriate 4 mm needle. So, I found that I had also been given a ball of pinky-purply cotton/linen blend, and held together, they were perfect on the 4.5 mm.

A little cowl, to keep someone's neck covered. Soft, but not super warm, I bet. I took it outside and put it on snow for this picture.

Another snow picture, on the edge of the table! This is a Back Roads hat, and I got the pattern for free in a charity knitting group on Ravelry. Someone won a free pattern from each of something like 310 indie designers! Of course, who could use all those by themselves, so she is giving them to people who knit for charity.

I found the twisted-rib brim a bit wretched, but it looks nice, and I suppose one should try these things once in a while. I also miscounted in the first pattern, so my ridges are not all equally separated. But, it's a hat, so who cares?

This nice green yarn was given to me at Christmas, and you can see it is a challenge to photograph! It is a lovely peacock greeny-blue colour, very pretty.

I think I showed you hat #1 a while back. For #2, I held the cotton/acrylic yarn together with a pink sock yarn, and made a warmer, sturdier hat. The Toronto march is coming up next weekend.

And of course, my completed squares. I mailed these off to Illinois for someone to sew into a blanket which will end up in Syria. The man in the post office told me they would take 10-12 days to get there; they took about three, actually!

And now I am back to knitting Elaine's sweater, started in September. I hope to just whip through these sleeves and be done in no time...

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