Thursday, January 04, 2018

Three things on Thursday

I suppose that now is as good a time as any to sort out the KALs and knitting things I am looking at on Ravelry. (These links only work if you have a Rav account, I believe.)

  1. Firstly, I have already told you about the squares I will be knitting for a blanket to go to Syria. I am glad to have found this group, so I can just make any old square (although they don't want lace, which is a pity) and someone else can worry about matching up enough squares to make a blanket. 
  2. The vintage-loving group with whom I knit my accessories last year is thinking of another KAL for the beginning of this year, and they seem to be leaning towards vintage undies and lingerie! I think I will pass if that is the theme they choose, but I might join in to make some bed socks or something. 
  3. I am also a member of a group of Anthropologie fashion fans, and they have two KALs this season, one for blankets, so I can show of my squares to them, and one for "boyfriend" sweaters. That might get me to get started on my Koigu sweater, which I think I still haven't shown you! (*Note to self: find the yarn and take a picture or two.)
  4. Okay, so three knitting things and one more: A number of knitters in the Lazy, Stupid and Godless group on Ravelry (most of whom don't seem lazy or stupid at all, as far as I can tell) are interested in reading some Latin! I have done that in the past and would love to regain my "proficiency," if I can call it that. Work up to reading Book IV of the Aeneid?? That would be wonderful, so I shall work on that! (Oh, yes, and I might attempt to do some planks every day, too!)

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