Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Two knitted things

One pretty good, one bad.

I told various family members that I would need some pink wool for a new pussyhat. I told them to go to this store and talk to this person, who would set them up with something perfect. However, no-one really listens to such excellent instructions when it comes to Christmas presents.

One day, Stephen and Elaine found themselves shopping at Value Village, home of every imaginable thing, and they found me 6 balls of this yarn, which is certainly pink!

It is a cotton-acrylic blend, meant for summer tops or baby things (maybe I just think that because of the colour!). I used the recommended needle size, and the fabric would be nice for a warm-weather cardigan, but it is a bit floppy for a hat. Luckily I have 4.5 more balls of this, so I will make another hat holding this yarn together with some pink sock yarn. This is fine, but not perfect.

My next knitting project was so imperfect that I ripped it out!

I don't know if you can tell, but in the middle of this piece, I carried the slipped stitches up for six rows instead of four. Catastrophe! Also, the fabric was too dense, I need to use a slightly bigger needle, and I don't really like this pattern very well in this yarn. So there!

It was going to be a square for a blanket some gang is making for Syria. Since the Afghans for Afghans group has met some large obstacle, and are sending nothing, the charity knitters are searching for new outlets, and the one I have found is called Hats and More for War-torn Syria. I have a ton of yarn I mean to use for charity this year, and I figured a square was a good place to start. Well, I shall start again!

We are easing back into reality here. Elaine doesn't start school for another week, Arthur is still here, Stephen off to a conference, but next week we shall, more or less, be back to normal!

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