Wednesday, May 16, 2018

All the dishcloths

I started this post long ago, before I finished the last two cloths of the season.

A couple of these you did see before, but I'll just give you a tour of the last four.

Trying to avoid all those blah colours. Also, forgot how to make a ballband dishcloth! Also, purled one red row instead of knitting it. It wouldn't win any prizes at a fair, but it will wash someone's dishes just fine, and be a bit cheery as well.

Ah, the log cabin of all the scraps! It was fun and so fast to knit this. Now, how long will it be before another ball of Christmas colour cotton comes my way? 

You probably can't tell here, and you can hardly tell in real life, but the white yarn has pastel baby colours throughout. Of course I didn't have  quite enough pink.

And lastly, another round one, in nice sunny colours. I quite like this pattern; it makes a smallish cloth, but sometimes that's just what you need. 

I'm done with dishcloth frenzy for now. I'm just tidying up some loose ends, knitting-wise, before I get back to my big green sweater -- which I won't need now till November, anyways!

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