Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Surfing, studying and money-laundering

I saw three movies Monday. A friend took a day off work and we had a wild day of standing in lines and eating treats and finally, eventually, eating lunch.

At 10 am, we saw Andy Irons: Kissed by God. I had no idea who Andy Irons was, but it turns out he was a super, young, good-looking, world champion surfer. He was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and eventually became an addict of opioid pills. So the terrible story of his addiction and death was told with gorgeous photography of Hawaii and other oceanside places. (It's not spoiler-ish to mention his death, since that is stated in the very opening of the film.)

We got out of that one and got right back in line for Inventing Tomorrow, a story of an international science fair. The film follows four projects from Mexico, India, Indonesia and Hawaii, all to do with the environment. Three boys from Mexico developed a paint that was meant to absorb toxins from the air. A girl from Indonesia was concerned with the tin mining in her local bay, and designed a filter to stop lead and other things going back into the water. There was a girl from Bangalore who measured water quality in the city's lakes, and the boy from Hilo measured how far the tsunamis of the 20th century had spread arsenic from a pond that had been used to collect waste from some industry.

Lunch, finally, around 3, home for dinner, out again to an evening movie about tangled politics.

Active Measures traces links between Russia/Putin/various crime boss-oligarchs and Trump and his real estate. It sped along at a great rate, with Hillary Clinton, John McCain, former politicians from Georgia and Estonia, people associated with security agencies and banks and on and on.... It's a tangled web and we are all caught up in it. Really good!

To be continued...

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