Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A quick couple of things

Now we find ourselves back at WIP Wednesday. I must say I'm not doing very well at getting the pile winnowed down. But my intentions are good, honest! And I did that sleeve! If only I didn't keep thinking, "Oh, I'll just do a few rows on this new scarf," or "Arthur needs a new hat coz none of our 374 hats is just right for him this winter." After Christmas, you'll just see me zip through projects new and old. Yup.

A terrible story: I have been intrigued by mention here and there of Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan book. So I put a hold on it at the library and they had it for me today. I was just looking through it, found a picture of a square I wanted to knit, and looked for the instructions, but the page had been cut out! Cut out! With a razor someone had mutilated not only a library book, but a library book about knitting! Arrrrrrghghghgh! I was miffed.

But then, I found the teaser trailer for the new Harry Potter, in which the gang zooms through London on broomsticks. Fun, or what? I hope the movie doesn't stink....


  1. That's terrible. Not only to cut up a library book, but to cut up one in such a way that you know will then make it difficult for others to use, is just awful.

  2. I too hope it doesn't stink - the director came to my wedding, and I'm hoping that that will be a good claim to fame...


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