Sunday, May 27, 2007

A winning weekend!

Yay for me; I finished Stephen's socks!

And yay for him; he won the school blanket!

It was quite funny when I was showing off the blanket in front of the stage, and the principal pulled Stephen's name out of the box... He and Elaine had gone home, so I had to say, "That's my husband!" Last year another knitter's daughter won so I guess we know who buys a lot of tickets! We also managed to win mini-raffles of some kid books and a "movie night" basket with a few DVDs, lots of popcorn and some movie passes! AND I won a competition on Alison's blog! I think that'll likely be all the winning for a few years around here.

So, those two projects are out of the way, and I've got two "new" ones on the go:

It looks like a green blob, but it's really the cardigan I wanted finished for last fall, which might be done for this fall!

And a pair of bright, plain socks! I just got the recent Interweave Knits, which has an article about toe-up socks, so that'll be my next sock project. I'd like to learn how to do that, since I think it'd be useful when one has limited yarn!

Okay, I think I've used more exclamation marks today than ever before. Enough.

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  1. congratulations on finishing the socks! I agree, the whole thing is strangely circular...


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