Thursday, May 03, 2007

Actual knitting! And yarn!

I have been knitting! I finished the blanket, but have not yet blocked it, and I want to enter it in a fair this spring.

Look at this sunshine!

When I last talked about this blanket, I was stuck in the middle of the border, I think. My friend initially gave me the yarn, and I think the last ball I used was not full, because it only made up a bit less than half the border.

So I bought myself 2 skeins of the lovely Malabrigo to finish it off, and ultimately only used one (with even a bit left over to use for a stripe in a hat or something).

Soooo, I had to return the unused skein to the shop, didn't I? And then exchange it for something else, right?

Lucky me, a ball of Austermann Step sock yarn is about the same cost as a ball of Malabrigo, so I got this beautiful green stuff to make a pair of gloves for me. Well, I hope so, anyways.

I am still sitting and staring at the Retro Rib socks, but they are not really thrilling me. I will plug away, though.

Mostly what I have been thinking about, knitwise, is the school blankets. We will be sewing them together this weekend, the Fibre Floozie herself will be adding jazzy borders, and then we'll raffle them off at the end of May. I think I want the pink/grey one!


  1. What a beautiful -- and I'm sure soft -- blanket. I bet it was great fun to knit!

  2. Thanks, Nona. Yes, it's warm and about right for keeping warm while sitting up reading late at night. It's kind of the wrong season, but it'll keep!

  3. The Thundercloud blanket is absolutely amazing. Wow!


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