Tuesday, January 29, 2008

End of January check

My knitting a mile has ground to a halt!

Since I have trouble with the stresses of tying shoes, I don't think knitting is a good idea.
I'm certainly not knitting anything more this month, so here is my January summary:

Poor Arthur has but one Jaywalker sock.

Getting somewhere. Stalled at present...

2) The big ol' Lopi masterpiece has to be totally done soon. And it will be!

I sewed in a billion ends; now I just have to sew on buttons, sew down pockets, wash. Sorry, no picture, but you'll learn all about it in a short while.

3) I'm on the third hexagon of the Basalt tank. When I finish this one, I will move the 4 mm circular needle to the blanket border...

Ah, nothing.

4) ... because I've got all the squares knitted, mostly sewn together. I actually keep changing my mind about this border.

More nothing on the blanket, but now that I realise that this and the big Lopi are both still hanging around from November 2005, I'll be getting 'er done!

5) I once told you I was going to frog the grey lacy glove, but I couldn't bring myself to do it! I ripped out the wee bit of finger I had done and made a mitten. Number Two to follow.


6, 7) I have a couple of baby blankets on the go for a charity knitting project.

Some progress made on one of these, and I must finish that one to get the long needles to use on the other!

8) Right now I am toying with that blue Yorkshire Tweed Chunky.


And also this year, I mean to make a shawl or two, some birthday socks for a few people, and the Felted Tweed stash will be used for, I think, a cardigan.

The Felted Tweed will be my next cast-on, I think, when I am returned to my proper knitting life. I was somewhat alarmed to see that my collection is not browns, but overwhelmingly green and blue! Never mind.

Oh, and I want to knit up that sock yarn stash, lickety-split.

Oh, yeah, started another pair of socks. Kaffe Fassett sock yarn, blue pooling stuff, rather than the plain stripes, which I found uninspiring.

I make no promises for February! My doctor very reasonably said, about my wrist, "That'll probably hurt for a week or two." Grr, no magic solution?? I did get it X-rayed, and since I've heard nothing, presume that it is not actually broken. So, I shall peruse my whole supply of old Vogue Knittings and take every knitting book out of the library, but rest my hand till it stops hurting.

Hmm, better stop typing for today, too!


  1. Hmmm- that Kaffe looks like the "urban camo" that is still popular with the younger set (my 7yo picked our a pink and green fabric for a skirt) so maybe Elaine woould like socks from it. And they'd probably go faster as her foot is still smaller than Arthur's?

  2. just be sure to lift the glass with the other hand. Glad there is no cast involved.

  3. Solution - one handed knitting! Well, it's worth a try. See below!




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