Thursday, June 03, 2010

The week thus far

We've had 3 semi-finals in Britain's got Talent. I have proved that I shouldn't bet on this sort of thing, since I have picked my three favourites to win each night, and been a tad off! Lots of dross, as there was last year, but lots of good stuff, too, and my favourites, Neil Fullard and Chloe Hickenbottom, missed out on the finals! The dog act, of course, did make it!

Anne's students, aka The Arrangement, did well last night, but their road ended there, and now they have more time to study for their exams. As it should be, I think! Good try, good fun, but not better than Neil!

And now, the Chia Pet, which has been put outside to enjoy a time in the sun, sprouting its little broccoli bits,

and the sock, with matching flower.

1 comment:

  1. hooray for chia pet - glad to know he's still a work in progress! :)

    the socks are gorgeous, as are the rain-kissed flowers.


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