Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May and June

Guys, you might not know that it's Britain's Got Talent time again. Last year I gave you the blow-by-blow, but this year I am being more restrained (am I?). One semi-final down, 4 more to go, before the final. I'm sad that Olivia Archbold didn't get through last night, but that Tobias is a marvel. And the gymnasts... what can one say about those flinging leaping people? Amazing.

But enough of that; what about the knitting?

Plans for May were...

1. Sew up the Denim cardigan. This has been sitting around for a long time, but I just need to do buttonbands and other fiddly bits, I think. It's a mind-over-matter issue.

Not yet. It's all on the sofa in bits, just needing that afternoon of laying it out, putting the sleeves where they belong, and sewing it up. Gawd, I hate that part of any project!

2. Work on a pair of socks. I have 2 different partially knit socks somewhere around here, and I'd like to have at least one pair by the end of the month!

I've got socks on the brain right now. However, instead of finishing one of the two pairs I've had on the go for almost a year, alas, what I did was cast on two new socks!

I'm making my mom socks for her birthday in July (don't worry, I doubt she reads this!) and wanted to do the Embossed Leaves. Here's a pair on Flickr, and here are almost 3000 pairs on Ravelry. So, leaves need green yarn, don't they? I got some gorgeous green, but it was really too dark and mysterious, and although it is a colourway I love, I didn't really think it was just right for July birthday socks.

It took me almost the whole of one leg to reach that conclusion, so there's another pair in the lineup for Arthur!

I had a ball of Tofuties which I got at Knitomatic once, long long ago. It's pink, marled, summery, cottony -- I like all those things except the marled bit!

This yarn, I think, really needs a very plain pattern, because the way the yarn knits up, it's very hard to see any but the most pronounced twists and turns.

So, once again I try the Mesh Rib pattern I have started twice before! Fun, easy, pink...

3. Start something new -- and right now I'm not committing to anything in particular, since I change my mind every half hour.

I made the blue shawl! So that certainly fulfills that goal!

4. Tend my herb garden, including my lemon verbena. I wish Blogger had smell-o-vision! It smells like lemon candies!

I now have basil, sage, rosemary, dill, thyme, parsley, cilantro... hot peppers because they are easy to grow and the squirrels generally don't interfere with them, beans because they provide a nice tall curtain of green... and a few flowers here and there.

So, clearly, what I have to do in June is:
  1. sew up that denim cardigan!
  2. finish Mom's socks and get them in the mail
  3. finish another pair of socks
  4. I have several blanket projects that could use some attention, but the DK strips have been pledged to a September deadline for the Warm Hands Network. So, that should get a bit of work!