Friday, June 04, 2010

Britain's got a crazy lot of talent

Today saw the end of the Britain's Got Talent semi-finals. Tomorrow, Saturday, we'll have the 10 finalists in a cut-throat final -- not really, since I believe that all 10 get to take part in the live tour and get their share of fame and fortune, though only the winner gets to the Royal Variety Show. Last year Susan Boyle had everyone's attention, and I must say that there is no Susan Boyle this year.

Here's my totally amateur assessment of the situation:

From the first semi-final, there's Spelbound (who apparently have only one L), a bunch of world-class gymnasts; and Tobias Mead, a pretty cool dancing guy.

Then there's Tina and Chandi, a woman and her dancing dog; and Connected, a bunch of boys the age of my son, who want to be a boy band and never mention New Kids on the Block, who are the last boy band I ever paid attention to.

The third night gave us Paul Burling, an impressionist and comedian; and Christopher Stone, the self-proclaimed balding accountant who sings.

Last night Janey Cutler blew people away -- she's 81 and sings. Twist and Pulse are more dancing boys, very good.

And on the last night, the boy drummer I mentioned last year (he didn't make it to the semi-finals last year) won the popular vote, and Liam McNally, the 14-year-old who sings like an angel, also made it through.

So, singers: Liam, Janey, Christopher, Connected

Dancers: Twist and Pulse, Tobias Mead

Then a drummer, a comedian, a dog and some gymnasts!

I love Liam because he's young and good, Janey because she's old and good, Christopher because he's sweet and good. Don't care at all what happens to Connected. I think I prefer Tobias over the two boys, but I don't really think either should get first. Kieran, good but not great; Paul the comedian was okay when he did Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo, but I don't get the jokes about British TV personalities; Chandi is good for a dog, but really, is a dog the most talented creature in Britain? And Spelbound are entertaining to watch, but I prefer the amateur-ness of the others.

Stephen's got a glass of wine waiting for me on the porch, so let's just make some predictions and get on with it.... I think we only learn who are the top 3, and I hereby say the top three will be Spelbound, Janey and Paul, though those wouldn't be my favourites. I would like to see Christopher, Liam and Tobias, I think. Hard to call...

But now I'm going to knit and imbibe, while you can search YouTube for all the auditions and semi-final shows!

Edited to correct Spelbound, and add their link.

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  1. I like your views, I like them alot. I'm at Syd's place in Yale, enjoying the sun and fun. I like your site, it's user friendly and dare I say, pretty. Might see you and yours in Castlegar for Grandma's 90th?! Love Ian.


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