Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Breast cancer and pink socks

Well, breast cancer is not a very cheery topic, and now I find there is something called inflammatory breast cancer, which presents itself a bit differently than your usual variety. The woman who wrote this is {ahem} the cousin of a friend of a friend of mine... or maybe the cousin of her husband or of some other acquaintance. Anyways, I received this information in my mailbox, and thought it was something I would share.

The pink of my sock actually has nothing to do with breast cancer. The socks are for my pretty healthy mom who will be 90 this summer, touch wood etc etc.

Chia dinosaur frolicking amongst the broccoli seedlings that fell off him.


  1. the socks are gorgeous and thank you for furthering the information about this type of breast cancer. information is power!

  2. I love the chia garden! Thanks for the info and lucky you to have your mom at 90!


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