Sunday, June 06, 2010

And the winner is...

Oh those British-popular-vote people... You never know what they will do!

Friday, about Britain's Got Talent, I said, "I think we only learn who are the top 3, and I hereby say the top three will be Spelbound, Janey* and Paul, though those wouldn't be my favourites. I would like to see Christopher, Liam and Tobias, I think. Hard to call..."

Wow, it ended up Spelbound, Twist and Pulse and Kieran! (Others in the final were Tina and Chandi the dog and Connected.)

Here we insert a picture of Elaine up a tree, just for a break. Today it is raining and we are supposed to be having a street party.

Kieran, great back story, survivor, trier, blah blah -- but really! Not better than Tobias, not better than Liam! Christopher, did you hear him??

Spelbound, professionals, world-class competitors... and now winners of a talent show! Though both Amanda and Simon mentioned the 2012 Olympics opening show, and we all know they would be perfect for that!

Oh well. We all know that last year's second-place finisher has a huge album and is I hope living her dream...

*I give you Janey in the semi-final, because in the final she got off to a slow start and was catching up to the music all the way through. Way off and everyone knew it, poor thing!

And I've just got to add this: They say Spelbound have already been approached about the Olympics!

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